Copeland's Pet Motel & Grooming, Inc.
Katherine "Kathy" Mason Copeland, President

Copeland's Pets Inc., AKA Copeland's Kennels was established in August 1945 by Dorothy & Rufus Copeland.

Today, it remains a Copeland Family Operation.

Located in the heart of Mobile, Alabama at 4457 Halls Mills Road, the years have seen many new additions to our Pet Care Facility.

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Our feet are planted firmly in the past 60+ years and our arms reaching for the future.  We still do business the old fashioned way, one pet at a time.  We are one of the oldest & finest boarding businesses in the Southern United States.  Our facility covers some 3.5 well groomed acres and over 55,000 square feet of boarding kennels with each their own outdoor run & play area.  Luxury Pet Suites (you'll have to see to believe) feature day beds, wall paper, bed linens, TV. and VCR and phone jacks for that call from the owners.  Cattery featuring TV and toys that fill their hours away from their parents.  Many of our two legged clients call us Camp Copeland, but our four legged friends just call us their home away from home.

Copeland's is a proud member of the American Boarding Kennel Association.  We have a resident manager home, located on the Pet Motel property and pride ourselves on the clean and bright indoor runs with their adjoining outdoor runs offering our guests 100% freedom.  Our Cattery features cat condos and a play room just like at home!  All buildings are climate controlled by PATCO A/C Service (another Copeland owned-family business) to keep it just right inside no matter what the temperature is outdoors.


  • Independent Pet Animal Transportation Association

  • American Boarding Kennel Association

  • Mobile County Health Department
  • City of Mobile
  • United States Department of Agriculture

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