"Mobile's Original Pet Motel Since 1945"

Attention please!

    Following the advancements of COVID-19, for the first time in our 75 years of business, Copeland’s Pet Motel & Grooming will temporarily close its doors to prevent any further spread of the virus towards our customers or staff.


   This decision will go into effect this Monday, March 23.

 We will hopefully resume business on April 6th, but we will continue to update you!


     We will continue to pray for the safety of everyone and

eagerly await the day we can see our lovely fur friends again!💕

** If you have any questions, please message us on

any social media platform or email us at copelandspmg@gmail.com **

  Copeland's Pet Motel & Grooming, Inc. has been owned and operated by our family since its establishment in August of 1945 by Dorothy and Rufus Copeland.

   Today it is run by the mother-daughter duo, Kathy Copeland and Dorrie Copeland Waters. Along with the help of Dorrie's children, Kenley and Kolden.

    We also have incredibly hardworking staff; some of which have been working with us for 20+ years.

PHONE: (251)661-5021

FAX: (251)661-9841

4457 Halls Mill Road

Mobile, AL 36693