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Pet Boarding


   Our Ultimate Suites offer the highest form of relaxed luxury for your pet. 

   The quiet and spacious rooms include sliding door access to a personal courtyard, along with premium beds (with custom bedding) and a flat screen TV in a serene, chalet-styled, climate-controlled building.


   Each pet receives four outdoor Walk n' Play times with an employee to potty and exercise.

   Enjoy online access to a live WebCam where you can watch your baby play, eat, and unwind.

   Ultimate Suite guests must be pre-approved prior to boarding in this area. Some breeds /excitable babies are not candidates.


   The Elite Suites are styled as a mini hotel room and are best suited for pets used to staying only indoors or in apartment-style living.

   Each room is fully furnished, including bedding and a flat screen TV.


   Every baby recieves three outdoor play times per day with a Copeland's caregiver in our fenced-in Astro-Turf play yard.

   The Elite Suites also provide an online accessible still-shot camera which uploads a picture of your pets' room every few seconds.


   Luxury Suites are the most popular choice for highly pampered pets. Similar to our Elite Suites, each room includes furniture such as comfortable bedding and a flat screen TV. 

   Though slightly smaller, Luxury Suites are a great lower-cost option for babies who still love a quiet and relaxing vacation without online viewing.


   Luxury Suite babies also recieve multiple indoor play sessions with a Copeland's caregiver as well as three outdoor Walk n' Play times in an Astro-Turf courtyard.


   Copeland's Indoor/Outdoor Kennels feature indoor ceramic-tiled floor units, each with a private adjoining outdoor run.

   The buildings are completely climate controlled and pets are free to come in and out of their personal run throughout the day (weather permitting). 


   In addition to personal outdoor run access, every baby enjoys three Walk n' Play times per day with a pet care specialist in our Astro-Turf'ed agility course play yard.

- Geriatric Dogs -

    For our furry friends on the older side with special requirements, we have the Geriatric Suite of our Luxury area which is on the ground floor and includes an additional fourth walk before bedtime.



For the safety of all of our guests, everything we do at Copeland's is entirely one-on-one with a well-trained employee and your pet. All TLC's are completely private play times and we do not intermingle dogs unless they are boarding together.



   We also provide Luxury Suite boarding for cats. It is the same suite style as offered for dogs but includes a climbing/scratching post in the baby's room. It is a serene area for your pet to relax in their spacious mini-hotel room.

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